Fairfield Energy of Colorado Springs – Summiting Pikes Peak

As the former CEO of Fairfield Energy Colorado Springs knows, there are many exciting things to do in the area of CO Springs that keep visitors coming again and again. Among those things is going to the top of Pikes Peak, which is one of Colorado’s many mountains that measure over 14,000 feet in elevation. What makes Pikes Peak so special is a number of things. First, it is the official source of inspiration for Katharine Lee Bates’ “America the Beautiful”, which has also helped earn the mountain’s nickname, “America’s Mountain”. Second, it is the second most visited mountain on the planet, next to Mt. Fuji. Third, there are three ways in which you can get to the top, where with many of Colorado’s “fourteeners” there is only one.

By Foot
For the ambitious hiker, Pikes Peak is a challenge worth climbing. The trail to the top takes roughly eight hours, so make sure to time it correctly so you are hiking during the proper daytime hours. Campsites are also available at the trail head for those who want to get an extra early start.

By Car
Pikes Peak is one of the two fourteeners in Colorado that have paved roads leading to the top. The road going up Pikes Peak is home to numerous car and bike races throughout the year.

By Train
What makes Pikes Peak most unique is the Pikes Peak Cog Railway, a passenger train that takes people on a scenic and steady ride to the top.

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Fairfield Energy of Colorado Springs – Working with the AHA

Fairfield Energy of Colorado Springs was a company known for its generosity and involvement when it comes to curing and preventing diseases. They proudly gave to the American Heart Association, who focuses on tackling cardiovascular diseases and stroke by spreading awareness, funding research efforts and promoting healthy lifestyles that decrease the risk of these conditions. These conditions include but are not limited to: arrhythmia, cardiomyopathy, cholesterol issues, congenital defects, diabetes, stroke, peripheral artery disease, high blood pressure, heart failure, heart attack and more.

Heart attacks and stroke are two of the leading causes of death within the United States. Every year, thousands of patients lose their lives to these conditions; and one of the most frustrating parts of these losses is that many could have been prevented with a commitment to a healthy diet and regular exercise. The AHA sponsors a number of events such as races and more that require participants to engage in healthy physical activity as a means of encouraging others to do the same.

Fairfield Energy Colorado Springs supported many organizations like the American Heart Association, who strive to treat and cure ailments and diseases that impact the lives of thousands of people every year.

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Fairfield Energy of Colorado Springs – How to Expand Your Drilling Ventures

When it comes to drilling ventures, Fairfield Energy Colorado Springs and their former CEO have displayed an ability to find those wells in a manner that will produce the most profit. Below are a few steps one should consider when trying to expand the drilling ventures that they partake in.

Finding the Right Locations

One of the inherent risks of a venture business is the presence of risk itself. Venture businessmen bust dare to follow their instincts in order to remain ahead of their competitors. Oil is a natural resource and wells will naturally dry up eventually; so making a choice to go where everyone else is drilling isn’t always the best decision. Sometimes, it is better to have gone where no one else has gone before; or in Fairfield Energy of Colorado Springs’ case, where some have been before and claimed there was nothing worth drilling.

Employing the Right People

When you run a venture drilling operation, you need people you can trust to properly operate the well so that the business owners can stay focused on being competitive and finding more wells. Having quality workers who [practice safe techniques will save you lots of worries as you work to find that new drilling site.

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Fairfield Energy of Colorado Springs – Starting a Venture Company

Fairfield Energy of Colorado Springs was an oil and gas drilling company that experienced much success in large part due to their willingness to act as a true venture company. The term “venture” connotes a certain amount of risk; a risk that is assumed and mitigated by the leaders of the company as they continue into unknown territory. Below are some basic tips that encompass the spirit of a venture company and allow some of the more authentic ones to become truly successful.

Be Willing to Go Where Others Don’t

Fairfield Energy of Colorado Springs was so successful in their ventures because they had a willingness to find drilling areas that had previously been classified as dry by their competitors. By applying a few different techniques and placement strategies, they at times got the pleasure of proving their competitors wrong. Of course, there were failures along the way, but the return they got for the risks they took compensated for the loss and went beyond to earn them profit.

Have A Sound Strategy For Each Turn

It is also important to be a good planner so that when your venture goes beyond or below your expectations, you have steps in place to make sure that you can quickly bring the venture to equilibrium.

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Fairfield Energy Colorado Springs

The past few years wereexciting for the former CEO of Fairfield Energy of Colorado Springs. In 2010 here-entered 2 Oil Wells in Potter Nebraskaand found oil successfully in both wells. In 2011 and 2012 he re-entered onesuccessful well for each year. Then in 2014 he stepped up his number by drilling3 oil wells in Archer County Texas. In that endeavor as well he found oilsuccessfully.

Source: Fairfield Energy Colorado Springs

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The Importance of Working in a Proven Field

Brian Sullivan formerly of Fairfield Energy, Colorado Springs, is now the founder and President of Precision Global Corporation. The company is committed to working with industry partners to make the United States self-sufficient in energy. Precision Global owns the working interest in one of the oil fields in Archer County, Texas and has seen tremendous success in just its first year of operation. The company was started in March 2014 and in its first year successfully drilled five oil wells.

In an economy that seems to be taking hits from different angles, it is vital to invest or work in a field that holds great prospects. The oil and gas production industry is one such place that holds promise for the next generation in the United States. According to the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers, crude oil production in Texas is set to surpass its previous high record in the next few years.

Looking at the prospects and the forecast of industry experts, the oil and gas production industry is all set to take off to new heights. According to the Alliance, the chance of this not happening is very unlikely. This trend, according to market experts is expected to continue for at least another five years. With the increased level of activity in the oil and gas industry, it makes it a perfect place to work.

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Fairfield Energy of Colorado Springs – AHA Beginnings

Fairfield Energy of Colorado Springs regularly gave to The American Heart Association, who has a long and rich history of being one of the biggest advocates for research, awareness and cures towards cardiac ailments and conditions. Below is an excerpt from the group’s website that describes how they got off to such a successful start:

“Before the American Heart Association existed, people with heart disease were considered to be doomed to complete bed rest – or worse. But a handful of pioneering physicians and social workers believed it didn’t have to be that way. They conducted studies to learn more about heart disease, eventually leading to the founding of the American Heart Association in 1924.

““We were living in a time of almost unbelievable ignorance about heart disease,”” said Paul Dudley White, one of six cardiologists who founded the organization.
The early American Heart Association enlisted help from hundreds, then thousands, of physicians and scientists. The association reorganized in 1948, transforming from a scientific society to a voluntary health organization composed of both science and lay volunteers and supported by professional staff. Since then, the American Heart Association has grown rapidly in size and influence – nationally and internationally.

In 1975, the headquarters moved from New York City to Dallas to be more centrally located. Volunteer-led affiliates formed a national network of local organizations providing research funding, education, community programs and fundraising.”

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