The Importance of Working in a Proven Field

Brian Sullivan formerly of Fairfield Energy, Colorado Springs, is now the founder and President of Precision Global Corporation. The company is committed to working with industry partners to make the United States self-sufficient in energy. Precision Global owns the working interest in one of the oil fields in Archer County, Texas and has seen tremendous success in just its first year of operation. The company was started in March 2014 and in its first year successfully drilled five oil wells.

In an economy that seems to be taking hits from different angles, it is vital to invest or work in a field that holds great prospects. The oil and gas production industry is one such place that holds promise for the next generation in the United States. According to the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers, crude oil production in Texas is set to surpass its previous high record in the next few years.

Looking at the prospects and the forecast of industry experts, the oil and gas production industry is all set to take off to new heights. According to the Alliance, the chance of this not happening is very unlikely. This trend, according to market experts is expected to continue for at least another five years. With the increased level of activity in the oil and gas industry, it makes it a perfect place to work.

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