Fairfield Energy of Colorado Springs – AHA Beginnings

Fairfield Energy of Colorado Springs regularly gave to The American Heart Association, who has a long and rich history of being one of the biggest advocates for research, awareness and cures towards cardiac ailments and conditions. Below is an excerpt from the group’s website that describes how they got off to such a successful start:

“Before the American Heart Association existed, people with heart disease were considered to be doomed to complete bed rest – or worse. But a handful of pioneering physicians and social workers believed it didn’t have to be that way. They conducted studies to learn more about heart disease, eventually leading to the founding of the American Heart Association in 1924.

““We were living in a time of almost unbelievable ignorance about heart disease,”” said Paul Dudley White, one of six cardiologists who founded the organization.
The early American Heart Association enlisted help from hundreds, then thousands, of physicians and scientists. The association reorganized in 1948, transforming from a scientific society to a voluntary health organization composed of both science and lay volunteers and supported by professional staff. Since then, the American Heart Association has grown rapidly in size and influence – nationally and internationally.

In 1975, the headquarters moved from New York City to Dallas to be more centrally located. Volunteer-led affiliates formed a national network of local organizations providing research funding, education, community programs and fundraising.”

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